Understanding Character Structure and its Manifestations in the WorkplaCE


We’ve all taken those personality tests which tell us if we are people persons or more introverted. This can be important information but if we go a bit deeper we can discover more about what makes us do what we do. We can discover our character structure. Character structure can best be understood as an 'adaptive self' formed as a result of childhood experiences. This adaptive self--made up of beliefs and behaviors-- was formed to keep us safe--to protect us. It is ingrained in our psyche and has observable traits in our physical body shape, posture and energy regulation. Traits such as perfectionism, procrastination, aggression, passivity, the need for recognition, negativity, disaffection, aloofness, lateness, competition etc. are all manifestations of different character structures. This workshop will introduce you to the theory of character structure and its presentation as way of understanding certain patterns of behaviors and styles in the workplace.


Understanding of Character Structure, it’s presentation and its impact in the professional setting

Provision of tools in identifying and working with different character structures in the workplace.