The God Image and our Relationship to Authority, Self Responsibility and Controlling behaviors


The Pathwork lectures note that a child’s image of God or the non-existence of God is informed by their early experiences of authority. A child who experiences authority as prohibitive or hostile may form an image of God as such. A child who experiences authority as overindulging and permissive may form an image of God as such.  And a child who feels fear or frustration towards authority may feel fear and frustration towards God.

The impact of these formed images is important to understand as they often play out in our lives. For example, the child whose image of God is that of an unjust and punishing force may struggle with perfectionism, anxiety and trust. The child whose image is that of an absent or aloof force may experience feelings of hopelessness or abandonment. Alternatively, the child whose image is overly indulging and permissive could lead to an individual who feels entitled or who avoids self-responsibility.

These images and manifestations of behavior can be helpful in understanding our experience –and our relationship to authority and self responsibility—our sense of safety and our ability to trust-to surrender control.

This workshop is NOT about religion. It explores how our image of authority or powers greater than ourselves effect how we are and how we relate to the world we live in.



Discovering our relationship to authority, self responsibility and controlling behaviors

Understanding how our images show up in our leadership