The Creative Process


The creative process usually begins with a sense of discomfort, irritability, stagnation- that feeling that something has to change. As soon as we acknowledge this our ego forcefully steps in to tell us all the reasons why things CAN’T change.  If we can work through this layer of our personality we will reach another part of us that WON’T change. This inner negativity has a lot of power in keeping us from creating something new. As we work through this layer we come to our feelings—feelings buried underneath all the reasons why we can’t or won’t. As we learn to build our emotional tolerance we come to the void—a place of perceived ‘nothingness’ where we are not bound by excuses or negativity but rather in a place of acceptance of what is. If we can stay in the void (for however long) we begin to create, we make changes, only this time we do it from our highest self-our Core.

This workshop introduces the concepts of the creative process, the role of masculine (doing) and feminine (being) energy in creation and how these energies, when out of balance impact our ability to create.  The workshop works with belief systems and story and inner resistance through cognitive and body-oriented approaches.


Getting clear on intention

Understanding the creative process including belief systems, inner negativity, avoidance and fear

Tools for working through layers of the creative process