EXPLORING RESISTANCE in Decision-making and Change


We all are faced with decision making on a daily basis from the smallest to the biggest of decisions. There is an inherent yes built into wanting to make a decision. Yet despite this affirming yes, we often find it difficult to both make a decision then act on it. Why might that be?

Perhaps besides the Yes, also stands the no- a conscious and an unconscious ‘no’. Call this ‘no’ grounded in rationalizations, ambivalence, judgment/blame, fear, pride, avoidance, unwillingness etc.

The conscious no tells us all the reasons why we can’t make a move. It’s the part of us that says “I CAN’T”.  The unconscious ‘no’ is the part of us that says “I WON’T”.  It is an inner negativity that says,  I won’t trust, I won’t risk, I won’t give up what I have for what I want, I won’t surrender my way. The discovery of these parts of us can be transformative and facilitate decision making and impactful change in our lives.

This workshop will explore these layers of resistance in decision making and change through cognitive, body-centered and expressive experientials.


Understanding different layers of resistance and how it presents in the decision making process.

Practical tools to identify and work through resistance to support movement or decision making in personal and professional settings.