Exploring Images- What’s your Story?


Over the course of a lifetime we develop certain impressions due to environmental influences or to sudden, unexpected experiences.  We see or experience something and we then make generalizations from them. We form conclusions about life based on these experiences. These conclusions are not thought out; rather they are emotional reactions. They are not completely devoid of logic, albeit limited and erroneous. As the years go by, these conclusions and attitudes sink more and more into the unconscious. From there, they mold the life of every person to some extent. We call each such conclusions an "image".

Becoming conscious of our images allows us to make inquiries into their validity and impact on our lives. Becoming conscious allows us then to decide if we want to continue to live by these images or step into a new, more authentic experience.


This workshop is about identifying and exploring our images.  What beliefs do we hold about ourselves and the world? How do these beliefs inform our behavior? Are they really true? Do they serve us or do they hold us back in our lives?