Exploring Energy and consciousness: A different Perspective on everyday life


We often complicate the word energy by trying to define it in scientific or mystical terms. All we need to understand energy is to get quiet and feel into ourselves or our surroundings. For example, when we feel present, our energy is experienced as grounded; when we feel attraction or repulsion, we may feel an charge in our bodies; when we laugh or cry, we may feel a discharge of our energy.

Certain situations or people can deplete our energy. Boundaries are a matter of energy: We may bind our energy when we want to create separation and let our energy flow openly when we want to come close.  Perfectionism, pride, stubbornness, procrastination, pleasure… These are all expressions of our energy

One of the first things we learn in school is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed—but that it can be altered. Energy can be sped up or slowed down. It can exist in a closed system in which the energy is held or bound, or it can exist in an open system in which the energy flows. Uncontained energy can cause a system to become frenetic or fragmented. Depleted energy can cause a system to collapse.

Despite its power, energy in of itself is a neutral force. It is consciousness that directs its movement.  If we think of this in terms of the energy and consciousness of the human experience we may see that the more conscious we are, the more we direct our energy towards creation, connection, and evolution. The less conscious we are, the more our energy is distorted and used towards separation, stagnation, or even destruction.

Through didactic and experiential approaches, this workshop will introduce energetic concepts such as presence and grounding, boundaries, energetic/emotional tolerance, pleasure, vulnerability, perfectionism, stubbornness, procrastination, pride, and closed mindedness among others. We will explore how energy shows up in our thought processes and in our physical body (posture and movement) and explore what happens to our energy in relationship with others. 



Increased awareness and ‘language’ of unspoken dynamics in relationship and personal style to help deepen or improve professional and personal interactions

Understanding of the importance of body/energy language

Practical tools to become aware of and work with one’s and others energetic presentation