A client asked me the impact of this work on my own life.  At the most basic level, I revealed that it has made me more awake and alive--expanded my consciousness and made me less guarded of my heart. It continuously asks me to see where I am in distortion about myself and others, and the places where I am not taking responsibility for my life—where I stay in the stagnant place of guilt and blame.  The work teaches me to stay in the face of conflict and to even embrace it.

The work has reintroduced me to my body and taught me to be more conscious about how I use my energy. The physical work has helped me learn to tolerate my own feelings-- to tolerate my own life force energy. I credit the work with giving me the confidence to move on from my work as a corporate lobbyist and become a therapist—to build my own business.

I credit this work with supporting me in my battle with depression and anxiety.

The work gives me  permission to make contact with my aggression, my passion, my demands, my gifts, my fears, my pride, my unwillingness, my cruelty and selfishness, my pleasure and mostly my heart. It says “bring all you got.”  It reminds me to slow down and to take care of myself. It shows me how to be more responsible and present in relationship—how to navigate the dance between intimacy and isolation. It helps me see the total uselessness of labels and status and the awesomeness of experience, truth seeking and self-acceptance.  Most importantly it has taught me the power of connection and community.