Adaptations and Distortions

Such adaptations, which are distortions of our truth serve us as children but create real challenges for us as adults. These adaptations keep us stuck in a defensive posture— our nervous systems functioning as if we are under direct threat.  This creates both hyper-vigilant and avoidant behaviors and often prevents us from taking risks, being vulnerable, of being willing to fail. It keeps us in survival mode and cuts off our life force energy.

When we cut off or block our life force our breath may be shallow or held, our thinking is narrow or fixed, we may experience chronic muscle contractions or tension that restrict certain movements. This creates imbalances, splits and blocks in our energy and can show up as a feeling of being ungrounded, depleted, held up, held back, held in or fragmented.

Distortions and adaptations also show up as negativity, helplessness, aggression, stubbornness, perfectionism, pride and procrastination. They can manifest in over-activity, passivity or submissiveness. They can manifest in our fears, in our demands that life be our way, in places where we avoid conflict. And, they also manifest in our physical body and in our movements. Those with perfectionist tendencies, for example, may control their movements, limiting spontaneous expression, which could shatter their image of perfection.